Some people say that withholding truth is the same as lying.

This is false.

Lying is completely different from withholding truth.

The definition of withhold” reads:
to be unwilling to grant

The definition of grant” reads:
to give the ownership or benefit of (something) formally or publicly

The definition of lie” reads:
to make a statement one knows to be untrue

Based on the defintions above, granting is giving ownership or something of benefit to someone, or a group. Something of value (generally). So if a person is holding on to a truth that they deem of great value, and choose not to share it with just anyone, they are actually being a good steward (Thanks for that one FATHER).

People who insist on drawing the truth out of you, use the tactic of calling you a liar by claiming that withholding truth is the same as lying. They are trying to force you to grant them something that is valuable. These are pigs, asking for the pearls.

Withholding the truth is not the same thing as lying. When someone lies, they are knowingly creating something that is not true. They’re trying to create something that seems valuable but isn’t. It’s false. If you’re withholding truth, you need not lie about it. Simply be honest. You don’t have to always justify your action. It may depend on the situation.

When it comes to withholding truth, on the other hand, you’re not fabricating something false to hide the truth. You’re still being honest but simply choosing not to share.

There are many reasons for withholding the truth. One might be trying to protect something important, such as plans, or maybe something of value. Or maybe that person may not be ready to handle the truth just yet, such as children.

It’s possible that the person pressuring you to give them the truth isn’t worthy of it. They may make the situation worse by knowing. Plans and circumstances could be negatively affected, when the truth is in the wrong hands.

If withholding truth was the same as lying, that would mean that GOD is a liar, and that is simply impossible. It’s not in HIS nature to lie.

GOD has shared some amazing TRUTHS with me. HE has revealed some mysteries. Some of the TRUTHS HE has shared were very difficult to accept. There were instances where it took me some time to accept certain TRUTHS. HE chose to share these TRUTHS with me, because this is how you strengthen relationships. HE also trusts me, even though I’m a sinner and I am truly humbled and grateful for that.

If you truly don’t feel like granting just anyone a valueable truth, then stand your ground. Don’t allow them to convince you into handing over the truth. No matter how diffuclt it could be.

There’s scripture to back this up:

Matthew 7:6
6 Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

May GOD Bless you in your journey of finding TRUTH, and bring peace to you and your house.

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