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I originally tried building a digital garden with Jekyll and 11ty but eventually got tired of dealing with learning so many new languages/frameworks/libraries; plus all the dependencies, tooling, building, and deploying. Between homeschooling and side projects, I don’t have the time to learn more dev languages and processes. I prefer to tinker with code and figure out simple programming or networking configurations (Like turning this garden into a sub-directory on my site, or forking and customizing the CSS).

About Me

At age 8 I decided I wanted to be a Disney Animator (traditional hand drawn animation). From that age on I became obsessed and worked tirelessly to achieve that goal. I had my foot in the door at Disney in the late 90s, but Michael Eisner (Disney’s CEO at the time) closed down the entire traditional animation department, because Pixar and computer animation were becoming popular.

I was crushed.

I switched my major to graphic design, got my degree, and began to work as a designer and illustrator.

Around that time the web was blowing up and I became obsessed with HTML and tech. So I taught myself how to code HTML, then eventually CSS, and JS, and switched to web design, then moved into front end dev, then UX.

I spent 26 years illustrating, designing, coding, exploring creatively, animating, building web apps, finding solutions to difficult problems, and working on all sorts of amazing tech with amazing people.

That all ended in the summer of 2020.

I’m currently working on another endeavor at the moment that has nothing to do with design, dev, nor UX. I’m not ready to share it yet, but let’s just say, I’ve become very entrepreneurial.

I love spending time with my family, especially out in nature. I also love to tinker with code, create calligraphy and art, draw and design, tinker with music, read, write, and manage my Etsy shop.

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