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Why I’m Tired Of The Rat Race Oct 13, 2021 design & philosophy & personal & god & expression After 26 years of working in marketing for major corporations doing design, branding, motion/animation, UI, UX, and front end development, I’ve Done Hustlin’ Oct 13, 2021 writing & philosophy & god & spirituality & work & hustling “Level up everyday!”, says the world. NOPE. I’m sick and tired of trying to be impressive. I’m sick and tired of “fast paced environments.” Testimony: GOD Revealed HIMSELF To Me Oct 12, 2021 god & spirituality & testimony In January of 2018, GOD the FATHER presented HIMSELF to me in such a powerful way, that it was impossible for me to deny HIM. Once I was Baptized by My First Typeface Oct 12, 2021 typography & type & calligraphy & font & designer I’m building my first typeface using Affinity Designer Don’t Worship The Bible Oct 12, 2021 god & spirituality & worship & bible I love Scripture. It’s very important and incredibly comforting, especially during hard times. It not only teaches us a limited history of GOD and Winning At All costs Oct 12, 2021 writing & winning The “winning at all costs” ideology isn’t exclusive to sports. That belief is also applied at work. Most companies use this “winning” idea to push A Poem For My HEAVENLY FATHER Oct 12, 2021 god & spirituality & poem & poetry & writing HEAVENLY FATHER, YOU have immersed my entire being into the ocean that is YOUR SPIRIT. I am drowning in YOU, yet I do not want to be rescued. Please Center Vertically & Horizontally Oct 12, 2021 css & center & grid & code Center using Grid Welcome Oct 12, 2021 Brought to you by blot.im I originally tried building a digital garden with Jekyll and 11ty but eventually got tired of dealing with learning so Git: Create New Branch and Checkout Oct 12, 2021 git & terminal & branch & checkout & syntax Create a new branch: $ git branch <branch_name> Checkout branch: $ git checkout <branch_name> Create new branch and checkout: $ git checkout -b Reading Oct 12, 2021 reading & books & articles Because my mind needs something to chew on constantly, I’m currently reading the following books. Although, I’ve overwhelmed myself with too many