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Excerpt: Fathered By God Feb 16, 2024 GOD & book & excerpt From the book Fathered By God by John Eldredge. I do agree with the following statement to a certain degree. I don’t think running headfirst into Suffering in the Flesh Jan 7, 2024 scripture & study & truth & GOD I’ve been struggling with just about everything. So FATHER lead me to a post on TikTok of a person reading 1 Peter 4:1-6. It got my attention. RGT The Blessed Life Dec 5, 2023 GOD & book & excerpt & blessed & life by Robert Morris Excerpt from Chapter 1: This is Robert’s testimony about how GOD provided in the most amazing ways. This is how HE opened my mind The Name David Nov 6, 2023 GOD & David & Rabbi Jason Sobel From the video of Rabbi Jason Sobel on TBN Video Title: “The Messiah, Son of David” Rabbi Jason Sobel talks about the middle letter in the name I Want It All Jun 4, 2023 GOD Ever since I experienced GOD the FATHER, HIS presence, HIS love and joy, HIS peace, HIS mind, HIS spirit; and on such a profound, deep, and intimate Slowing Down Jan 17, 2022 slowing down & god & learning & process & thinking GOD has been working on slowing me down. I spent most of my life, moving at the speed of the world. The main driver for this was work. My day job. Withholding Truth Dec 23, 2021 truth & communication & god & expression Some people say that withholding truth is the same as lying. This is false. Lying is completely different from withholding truth. The definition of Why I’m Tired Of The Rat Race Oct 13, 2021 design & philosophy & personal & god & expression After 26 years of working in marketing for major corporations doing design, branding, motion/animation, UI, UX, and front end development, I’ve Done Hustlin’ Oct 13, 2021 writing & philosophy & god & spirituality & work & hustling “Level up everyday!”, says the world. NOPE. I’m sick and tired of trying to be impressive. I’m sick and tired of “fast paced environments.” Testimony: GOD Revealed HIMSELF To Me Oct 12, 2021 god & spirituality & testimony In January of 2018, GOD the FATHER presented HIMSELF to me in such a powerful way, that it was impossible for me to deny HIM. Once I was Baptized by Don’t Worship The Bible Oct 12, 2021 god & spirituality & worship & bible I love Scripture. It’s very important and incredibly comforting, especially during hard times. It not only teaches us a limited history of GOD and A Poem For My HEAVENLY FATHER Oct 12, 2021 god & spirituality & poem & poetry & writing HEAVENLY FATHER, YOU have immersed my entire being into the ocean that is YOUR SPIRIT. I am drowning in YOU, yet I do not want to be rescued. Please