War Torn City

December 8th, 2023

I had some heavy dreams last night, but there was only one I remember.

In this dream, I was given 2 scenarios. In one I was alone, in another I was with a small group of people. The view of both scenarios were from the back, just above people’s heads. So I was seeing myself from behind when I walked alone and with the group.

I wore a white garment under what looked like a red cloak of sorts. The garment and red cloak were dirty and seemed like they had been through a lot. The cloak had a hood but I didn’t have it over my head, because I could see my hair from the back of my head. I also held a staff in my left hand; which is interesting because I am right handed. I was given the understanding that this was the staff of Moses.

In the first scenario I was walking through a war torn city in the U.S. I don’t know which city because it was never revealed to me. I walked through the city alone in search of survivors for what felt like days. Even though I felt FATHER leading me, I still felt alone. It wasn’t easy.

In the second scenario I was leading a group of people through the destruction and the rubble, while FATHER lead me, but I still felt alone. I was ahead of the group by a few yards. We were walking slowly. The group seemed like they were struggling.

I kept seeing glimpses of these 2 scenarios over and over again. I also felt like this was during the month of April, but I don’t know what year since that wasn’t revealed to me.

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