GOD has been working on slowing me down. I spent most of my life, moving at the speed of the world. The main driver for this was work. My day job. Being part of the rat race.”

The other driver was American culture and its obsession with the side hustle” and other extra curricular activities (i.e. shuttling kids to after school sports, social gatherings, entertainment galore, etc).

Although, when HE took me out of the rat race, everything changed. HE gave me freedom, which in turn has allowed me the time to do things such as homeschooling, tending to my family and our home, side projects, tinkering, reading, writing, learning, and of course my continued growth as a man of GOD.

One of the tools HE used to help me better understand the idea of unhurried, is a book that HE lead me to called Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest.

Unfortunately, I have yet to finish that book because I can be a bit of a scatterbrain that likes to bite off more than I can chew.

Today, HE lead me to a podcast from The Veritas Forum, where they interviewed Dr. Francis Su, a mathematician, who talked about enjoying the process of struggling. He used the example of how a mathematician struggles with a single math problem that could take years to solve.

This gave me a much deeper understanding of the idea of enjoying the struggle. Enjoying the process.

I’ve gotten so used to instant gratification, that it’s a challenge for me to slow down and enjoy the struggle. I don’t like to struggle. I don’t like long processes, but that’s going to have to change.

For the first time, I am really beginning to embrace the idea of enjoying the struggle of the process of solving problems and learning challenging concepts.

Now, I just want to get more organized because I have a number of goals I’d like to reach, and it’s going to take time to accomplish each goal.

Although, because HEs so good, HEs allowing me the time to do so.

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