Because my mind needs something to chew on constantly, I’m currently reading the following books.

Although, I’ve overwhelmed myself with too many books, so I’m going to break these apart into groups: Read First:

Read Second:

Read Third:


I’m not a fast reader and I like to take notes and ponder as I read.

By no means is the above carved in stone. I’ll see how it goes and if the list needs to be revised, I’ll do so accordingly.

I read online about tech, thinking, leadership, systems, and business; as well as browse art and calligraphy from amazing creatives.

Here are 3 articles in my queue about systems thinking being applied in the real world:

  • How an NGO is turning Somalian pirates into fishermen
  • Housing is a human right: How Finland is eradicating homelessness
  • Want to Win the War on Drugs? Portugal Might Have the Answer

Here’s another article in my queue:

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