Excerpt: Fathered By God

From the book Fathered By God by John Eldredge.

I do agree with the following statement to a certain degree. I don’t think running headfirst into all sorts of conflict is a good thing. There needs to be time for PEACE. Time to push everything away and spend quiet, alone time with GOD pondering, reflecting, and reasoning.

Life will provide a thousand sessions for the raising of the warrior. Turn your radar on during the day, and intentionally don’t take the path of least resistance. Take the road less traveled. If you are the kind of man who just hates any sort of conflict, then walk into some. When an awkward subject comes up at work—or at home—don’t run. Move toward it. Ask hard questions. Hold your ground. The phone rings, and you can tell by the caller ID it’s someone you don’t want to talk to. Pick it up. Engage. That’s the key word—engage.

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