YESHUA Fighting

November 21st, 2023

This has got to be one of the most interesting dreams I’ve experienced. It’s also one of the most cryptic.

The dream begins with me thrown into the middle of an incredible battle between YESHUA and darkness. It was a total of 3 battles but those battles kept repeating over and over and over again. It felt like this dream went on all night.

Here’s the interesting part. Each battle had 2 words that went along with it. So a total of 6 words. I was given the first word of the first battle and the first word of the last battle, which is actually the 5th word (Remember, it’s 6 words total).

It’s 10:17am (November 21, 2023) as I type this out and unfortunately I can’t remember the 5th word. I think the first word of the first battle was Lockdown,” but I’m not completely sure. The last word began with an O.”

The visual aspect of the battle was similar to the incredibly powerful fight I saw between an angel and dark angel in our room.

This is the closest representation I could find that illustrates the battle:

Except there wasn’t any light emanating from the battle, and it was spinning furiously. It’s nothing like 2 humans fighting. It’s these beings of energy, coming to blows with energy, back and forth, while spinning violently.

Here’s a quick graphic I put together to help illustrate:

Alt text

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