Winning At All costs

The winning at all costs” ideology isn’t exclusive to sports. That belief is also applied at work. Most companies use this winning” idea to push their employees to the brink of death, and plenty have died from overworking.

A lot have sacrificed everything (i.e. their health, family, relationships, etc.) in order to win” for the company. Yet the company does not care about you, your well being, nor your family, and then they have the audacity to expect loyalty. It’s absolute nonsense.

There are people that have bought into this and think they’re doing something noble or good. That’s because the company has sold them a bill of goods.

Of course, there those that are trapped in this world and don’t know how to get out. It’s not easy.

I’ve grown sick and tired of that ideology. I see so many jobs mentioning their fast paced” environment.

The reason for the fast pace? It has to do with cut throat competition, instead of a healthy competition. It’s the desire to absolutely dominate their market. They’re not content with providing a stellar service or product, with stellar customer service all the while, truly caring for their employees and their well being. Oh no. They have to absolutely dominate and destroy the competition at all costs, and make tons of money. It all stems from greed.

That’s why I’m done hustling. Although truth be told, this isn’t a lifestyle that I created for myself. GOD brought me to this point and I adore HIM for that.

It’s challenging, because I hustled and worked 18-24hr days for 29 years so I have to battle this urge to be productive” as defined by the world. GOD is showing me how to live unhurried and still be productive, without sacrificing my life and my well-being.

I no longer have the capacity nor the wherewithal to perform at the unrealistic level of business.”

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